Fashion Beyond Forty: LEAF Vodka Review


LEAF Vodka presents us with two wonderful options. One which is a savory type vodka, and one which is a sweeter vodka. Yes there are differences in vodka, and not just quality, but flavor as well. It all begins with the water!

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Cocktail Concoctions That May Have You Drinking to Your Health


The premise behind LEAF Vodka is that the purer the water, the purer the drink. The vodka, made from Alaskan glacial or Rocky Mountain water, is at the heart of a cocktail created by New York mixologist Juyoung Kang that uses LEAF with lemon, vanilla, rosemary and sage and a dash of lavender bitters.

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Review: LEAF Vodka – Alaska and Rocky Mountain Expressions


Enter LEAF Vodka, which offers two expressions of vodka that are presumably made the same way, distilled five times from organic wheat in Temperance, Michigan, but which are brought down to proof with two very different types of water. In the green corner we have LEAF Vodka, made with Alaskan glacial water. In the blue corner: LEAF vodka made with water from the Rocky Mountains.

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Falling LEAF Cocktail


Master Mixologist, Juyoung Kang, developed a new seasonal cocktail named in honor of LEAF Vodka. With a touch of herbal spice, tart and sweet bitterness, it will start the season in a refreshing way.

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Global Spirits Celebrates Launch of LEAF Vodka


On November 7th, Global Spirits unveiled LEAF Vodka at the Trump Soho in NYC. More than 100 media and industry guests sampled specialty LEAF Vodka, noting the differences in varieties.

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